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Long-term electric vehicles outlook and their potential impact on electric grid

NO Kapustin, DA Grushevenko - Energy Policy, 2020 - Elsevier

The goal of this study is to provide a scientifically based outlook on the long-term dynamics of
EV fleet size, the demand for electricity generated by the said fleet and, consequently, the impact
of … By 2022, the concern plans to expand the range of electric cars offered to 12 models.... 

BP energy outlook 2030

C Ruehl, J Giljum - Energy, 2011 -

The outlook for global energy is not just a matter for energy companies: it is an issue for all of
us. As consumers, investors, producers and policy-makers we all face difficult choices
regarding the future of energy. Our Energy Outlook1 seeks to contribute to this debate by …

Energy efficiency outlook in China's urban buildings sector through 2030

MA McNeilW FengSR du Can, NZ Khanna, J Ke… - Energy Policy, 2016 - Elsevier

This study uses bottom-up modeling framework in order to quantify potential energy savings
and emission reduction impacts from the implementation of energy efficiency programs in
the building sector in China. Policies considered include (1) accelerated building codes in …

Energy technology Foresight 2030 in Russia: an outlook for safer and more efficient energy future

L Proskuryakova, S Filippov - Energy Procedia, 2015 - Elsevier

Russia is one of the key players at the world's energy markets. The country's plans to further
research and innovation in the sector impact the world energy outlook. The paper examines
the energy block of the Russian S&T Foresight 2030, developed by experts in 2011-2013 …

The oil market to 2030—Implications for investment and policy

M Finley - Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 2012 - JSTOR

25 1. The BP Energy Outlook 2030 may be found at; the
Statistical Review of World Energy may be found at … By sharing
this out- look, based on BP's Energy Outlook 2030, we hope to contribute to that discussion …

An outlook on the global development of renewable and sustainable energy at the time of Covid-19

SE Hosseini - Energy Research & Social Science, 2020 - Elsevier

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has dominated the world stage, and its consequences,
both direct and indirect, are expected to prove to be even more pervasive over time. The
COVID-19 pandemic has struck the renewable energy manufacturing facilities, supply …

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