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  • B. Adrian

2022 Qatar: The first low emission World Cup

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Later City News: Qatar is committed to developing the football World Cup event with reduced CO2-eq emissions and therefore the SCDL aims to design, construct, and sustainably operate its stadiums.

Research recently published by "Environmental Impact Assessment Review" shows that In line with Qatar's commitment to organizing a sustainable FIFA World Cup in 2022, this country successfully reduced 32% in greenhouse gas emissions when adapting the cyclopean concrete (CYC) approach.

The most interesting finding was that the activity of transporting the excavated boulders for disposal into landfills contributed to the total consumed fuel in the CC case by 6%, while it has no contribution in the CYC case since such activity was avoided. This has prevented additional transport distance of tripper trucks, which comprises 296 trips to the dumping site that is 50 km away from the construction site, and as a result, 10,881.95 l and 29,381.27 kg of fuel consumption and CO2-eq emissions were saved, respectively.

This research has published by AbatharAl-Hamrani, DoyoonKim, MuratKucukvar, Nuri Cihat Onat researchers from Qatar University and Qatar Foundation.