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2030: Water shortage in China and set a control target

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Later City News: In the future, how to realize the 2030 water use peak target has become an urgent problem for China to solve.

A paper published by "Journal of Cleaner Production" shows that economic development in China is the primary factor in promoting the increase in total water use, domestic intensity and population-scale play a role in promoting increase, production intensity is the primary factor in inhibiting the increase in total water use, the industrial structure promotes the decrease of total water use.

The paper reiterated since the 1980s, global water use has increased by 1% annually due to factors such as population growth, socio-economic development, and changes in consumption patterns.

By 2050, global water demand is expected to maintain the same growth rate, compared with the current water use which will increase by 20–30%, mainly due to the increase in industrial and domestic water use. And more than 2 billion people will live in countries with severe water shortages, and about 4 billion people will suffer from severe water shortages for at least a month each year.

As water demand continues to increase and climate change impacts become more pronounced, the pressure on water resources will continue to rise

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The authors of the paper suggest increasing the construction of water-saving facilities in the fields, scientifically and rationally determine irrigation quotas, and actively promoting irrigation technologies such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, drip irrigation, and low-pressure pipeline irrigation.

It will be beneficial to vigorously promote water-saving technologies such as high-efficiency cooling, washing, water recycling and promote water-saving and efficiency enhancement in high-water-consuming industries such as thermal power generation, iron and steel, textiles, paper making, petroleum, and chemicals.

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