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  • B. Adrian

2030 electric car market: 40% in China & 46% in the UK

Later City News: By 2030, 40% of all vehicles sold in China will be Electric Vehicles (EV) while 46% of all cars equal to 16 million vehicles on the UK road must be EVs.

Based on a series of MIT analyses, China imposed a mandate on automakers requiring that electric vehicles (EVs) make up 40% of all sales by 2030.

Between 2021 and 2030, the transition cost to China’s society could equal 0.1% of the nation’s growing gross domestic product every year. In a follow-on study, the researchers are finding that the benefits of the mandated move to EVs for air pollution, human health, climate change, and national security may be large enough to offset the cost.

In the UK the Government’s ambitious plan to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 68 percent by 2030 will require 46 percent of the UK’s 35 million cars to be zero-emission vehicles, according to the Climate Change Committee (CCC).