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  • Mary Che

4 Stocks That Could Be Worth $1 Trillion by 2035

Ask any tenured investor and they'll tell you the key to generating significant wealth on Wall Street isn't being right often, but rather being very, very right on a handful of stocks. Having the foresight to identify game-changing companies, and staying firm on your conviction over many years, if not decades, is one of the easiest ways to gain your financial freedom.

Author: Sean Williams

Source: The Motley Fool

Though it may be hard to believe, Apple and Amazon were, at one time, part of a very large pack of growth companies struggling to differentiate themselves from their peers. Today, there are countless potential game-changers attempting to stand out from the crowd.

The big question is: Which stocks have what it takes to eventually enter the $1 trillion valuation club?

Rather than take the easy road and select companies that are already halfway (or more) to reaching $1 trillion, I decided to look for true innovators with market caps below $200 billion that could grow to a $1 trillion market cap. All four of the following stocks have a real shot at becoming trillion-dollar companies by 2035.

Sea Limited: Current market cap of $114 billion

Singapore-based Sea Limited (NYSE:SE) has all the tools necessary to become a trillion-dollar stock over the next 14 years. It has three operating segments, all of which can play key roles in its ascent to becoming one of the world's largest companies.

For the time being, Sea is generating most of its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) from its gaming division. With people stuck in their homes throughout 2020 due to the pandemic, Sea saw its total gaming users grow by 72% to 610.6 million, while the number of paying users rose an even more impressive 120% to 73.1 million.

Though gaming can be a solid long-term growth driver, it's not the catalyst that'll put Sea over the top. That title belongs to online e-commerce platform Shopee, which is the most popular shopping download in Southeastern Asia. Gross orders last year surged 133% to 2.8 billion, with the gross merchandise value traversing Shopee effectively doubling to $35.4 billion. The scary thing is these figures are just scratching the surface of what Shopee is capable of. Sea is purposely targeting emerging market countries with burgeoning middle classes, which is what'll drive sustainable high double-digit growth.

Lastly, Sea has a nascent but rapidly growing digital financial services segment. Last year, it tallied more than 23 million paying mobile wallet customers. This operating segment could be surprisingly profitable given how underbanked some of the regions are that Sea operates in.

With the company on track to more than quadruple its sales by 2024, the sky is the limit.

Salesforce: Current market cap of $198 billion

Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software juggernaut (NYSE:CRM) is another innovator that has a real shot at hitting $1 trillion in market cap by 2035.

CRM software is used by consumer-facing businesses to handle simple tasks, such as logging customer information and overseeing product/se