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Amazon occupied by Chinese products

One of the most successful direct-to-consumer shopping outlets for China-based vendors outside of China's own Alibaba e-commerce platform is Amazon. This trend has been accelerating for years.

Photo by Pixabay

Author: Jack M. Germain

Source: Ecommerce Times

China-based sellers represented 75 percent of new sellers on Amazon in January, according to a report by Marketplace Pulse. This marks a significant increase from 47 percent in the previous year.

This large segment of China-based sellers on Amazon has not yet impacted the gross merchandise volume (GMV) market share. Domestic sellers are responsible for most of the total sales.

Three-quarters of new sellers in the top four core Amazon markets -- U.S., UK, Germany, and Japan -- are based in China. That percentage is the calculated average of the four marketplaces, according to Marketplace Pulse analysis of more than 40,000 sellers that joined those Amazon marketplaces so far in 2021.