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  • Mary Che

Driverless vehicles sales reach 21 million by 2035

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Later City News: Self-driving cars would be about one-fifth of all vehicle sales almost equal to 21 million cars by 2035.

According to Oxford Analytica, nearly half of all vehicle sales in the United States and China will belong to autonomous vehicles by 2035.

An autonomous vehicle, or a driverless vehicle, is one that is able to operate itself and perform necessary functions without any human intervention, through the ability to sense its surroundings.

They are already deployed in dangerous locations, such as mines, and where long hours of operation or tedious, repetitive trips are needed, like airport terminal shuttles.

Variety of driverless companies invested in this technology since 1988 started by ABB in Colorado. Cruise, Waymo, Voyage, Swift Navigation, Embark Trucks, CARMERA, Zoox, and Nauto are some of the other companies invested in autonomous vehicles heavily and expect to have a significant share in the future market.