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  • Catalina M.

England faces a 42% growth in palliative rate by 2040

Later City News: If the upward trend observed from 2006 to 2014 continues, the increase rate of palliative will be 42.4% almost 161,842 more people per year, a total of 537,240 by 2040.

In addition, disease-specific projections show that dementia increase from 59,199 to 219,409 deaths/year by 2040 and cancer increase from 143,638 to 208,636 deaths by 2040 will be the main drivers of increased need.

A group of researchers from King's College London in a paper published by BMC Medicine indicated; If recent mortality trends continue, 160,000 more people in England and Wales will need palliative care by 2040.

You can read the full paper by clicking here

By 2040, annual deaths in England and Wales are projected to rise by 25.4% (from 501,424 in 2014 to 628,659).