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How Do You Build A $1 Billion Startup?

Every startup founder dreams of becoming the next unicorn. But what separates the dreamers from the achievers? What does it really take to reach a $1 billion valuation?

Photo by Stux (Pixabay)

Author: All Business

Source: Emily Bauer

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut or magic formula for creating a $1 billion startup pipeline. There are, however, unicorn founders you can look to for inspiration and advice on how to grow your own business. Whether you’re a founder, sales rep, or growth hacker, building a $1 billion startup pipeline is a lofty goal. The best way to learn about the keys to unlock unicorn-level growth is to go straight to the source. Study what others have done to achieve crazy growth.

We’ve gathered tips and advice from founders who launched 12 of the world’s most successful startups. These growth secrets offer valua