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How did Korean Celebrities succeed in internationalising their country products?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Photo by Pixabay

Later City News: The Korean entertainment industry’s popularity and global reach have prompted private companies and destination management organizations to place Korean products and position Korea as a destination to international viewers.

Korean celebrities have also been found to form positively perceived Korean beauty standards, consequently serving as an antecedent of Korean beauty product awareness and perceived beauty product quality among international audiences.

The rise in popularity of Korean pop culture, where the various mediums of the Korean entertainment industry have become well-known internationally, has allowed both Korean private companies and governmental organizations, such as the KTO, to reach the international audience more effectively.

Studies have found that Korean entertainment media viewers have caused attitudes towards Korea to shift, and have also motivated audiences to visit Korea and experience the filming locations. Furthermore, tourism also generates revenue for businesses offering supporting and auxiliary services and products to tourists.

This phenomenon is often referred to as film/movie-induced tourism or media-induced tourism.

Although previous studies have found that audience involvement with entertainment mediums has positively impacted product purchase and visitation, a comprehensive investigation of the audience involvement’s multidimensionality has yet to be conducted, specifically, on the distinction between Korean entertainment (movies, TV dramas, TV shows, etc.) involvement and celebrity worship.