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  • B. Adrian

Leadership 2030: The six megatrends you need to understand to lead your company into the future

The purpose of Leadership 2030 is to provide insight to leaders, who plan to thrive in this challenging business environment, through identifying the essential points related to each megatrend, the strategy-related questions that leaders should ask, the corresponding demands placed on those in leadership, and the essential strategic actions for success.

Leadership 2030 by Vielmetter and Sell is an excellent resource that offers a framework for leaders who must evolve with the continuously changing business environment. This fast pace of change, due to the convergence of many global forces, presents new challenges to even the most experienced leader; therefore, a reference of this type will prove valuable.

Vielmetter and Sell extensively analyzed existing research on the main drivers of change and identified six megatrends in a global society that have significant implications for leadership and the business environment. The authors cite John Naisbitt’s definition of a megatrend as a “long-term, transformational process with global reach, broad scope, and a fundamental and dramatic impact.”

In Leadership 2030 the authors focus on the following six megatrends: Globalization 2.0; Environmental crisis; Individualization and value pluralism; the Digital era; Demographic change; and Technological convergence. As you read this list, perhaps you will agree that these are not impending events, but trends that affect leaders today and that will continue to do so in the future.

The book has been reviewed by M.J. Park, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.