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  • Catalina M.

The future of French museums in 2030

Later City News: French museums are among the most important in the world. Their modus operandi is quite similar to that of museums around the world (Europe – including Scandinavian countries; Asia – including Japan, Korea and China; Africa, the Middle East, and South America), with the exception of Anglo-Saxon countries Tobelem, 2017a).

However, visitors are disproportionately attracted to the largest museums and those museums seem to be reaching their limits in terms of development. How will they evolve by 2030?

A paper published by Elsevier publisher through the journal of "Technological Forecasting and Social Change" explains that the experts agreed that visitors from Asia (Japan, China, India, and Korea…) are likely to rise, while they disagree with an increasing number of visitors from Africa and remain almost neutral for the other incoming destinations. In contrast, laws and regulations should not play a key role in the next decade, according to them.

The authors of this paper BertrandPauget, Jean-Michel Tobelem and Jean-Philippe Bootz confirmed that the experts agreed on the collaboration with various institutions but had mixed emotions and were reluctant to include all the key variables regarding the participation of the audience for temporary or permanent exhibitions for instance. Funding is likely to decrease say the experts and the demand for more transparency, efficient management, and cost control. However, the experts think that the recruitment of new professionals, especially to strengthen the relationship with their online audiences, is likely to happen. We should note the minor role of technology (only one variable was selected for round 2) is validated only for the online publication of collections after digitization.