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  • Baher BA

UK is preparing for another pandemic by 2030

Boris Johnson says the UK is “emerging from the pandemic with renewed determination and optimism”.

The Prime Minister added that by 2030 the UK will “have built back better from Covid-19 with a strong economic recovery and greater national resilience to threats and hazards in the physical and digital worlds”.

The UK’s Integrated Review predicts “There is a realistic possibility that state sponsorship of terrorism and the use of proxies will increase. It is likely that a terrorist group will launch a successful CBRN attack by 2030.”

The document said: “Infectious disease outbreaks are likely to be more frequent to 2030.

Boris Johnson has warned “Many will be zoonoses – diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites that spread from animals to humans – as population growth drives the intensification of agriculture and as the loss of habitats increases interaction between humans and animals.

He added: “likely to increase space for terrorist and extremist groups to operate”.

He pledges that by 2030 the UK will “continue to have a significant impact on UK citizens” and its “scale and complexity” will likely increase thanks to new technology, adding that it will “adapt to events faster than governments”.