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Why Automakers Are Risking on an All-Electric Future

Volvo joins a growing group of automakers that are planning to eliminate traditional cars from their line-up in the coming years.

Photo by Pixabay

Author: Brayden Gerrard

Source: Medium

Leading automakers are increasingly taking note of the disruptive potential of electric vehicles. Lately, some automakers have started to admit they don’t see a future for their traditional gas-powered cars. Volvo recently announced their intentions to turn their entire line-up electric by 2030, a sign of optimism about the future of electric vehicles. While this remains a bold move, Volvo isn’t the first to make an announcement of this type.

Jaguar was actually more aggressive, announcing their intention to go all-electric by 2025. But the highest profile announcement came from General Motors, one of the largest automakers in the world. While GM is the least aggressive in their timeline (they plan on being all-